Aircooled Addicts Monthly Fix 1st edition Feb 06 Lake Louis State Park Clermont




Meeting’s held on the first Sunday of every month camping avilable the night befor call for reservation (800) 326-3521 !!
DATES FOR 2011 -feb 6, mar 6, apr 3, may 1, jun 5, jul 3, aug 7,
sep 4, oct 2, nov 6, dec 4,

FEB - 6 - 2011 SUNDAY at :
Camping is your option on a monthly basis! Look for the list of people coming and camping the night befor at the end of the thread! The list will be updated regularly and monthly!!!

Lake Louisa State Park
Once in the park it will be your first right and follow it to the end !
To the Lake Louisa main parking lot and picnic area

A.A.M.F - BBQ.... Is an aircooled vw social that were hoping will turn into one of the coolest monthly vw gathering's ! Being centrally located in Florida.
Its not about trophy's and entry fee’s its about getting together and having a good time!! The park is the perfect location and setting for such a gathering it offers all the amenities!.
You can rent cabins, Camp spots, canoeing kayaking and more! This monthly event will be updated here in this thread! We will post who thinks they’re comeing on a month to month basis which will help the turn out's!.
Asfar as the BBQ bring it and we willl cook it!! There’s plenty of shade and picnic tables but it would be a good idea to bring some folding chairs to chill !!.
There’s plenty of places to snap some good pics in the park its beautiful and big! We will be putting together cruises and other event's once we establish!

Lake Louisa State Park
7305 U.S. Highway 27
Clermont, Florida 34714
(352) 394-3969




Thanks and hope to see you there!! 

Mike and Stevo


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